Disclaimer/Release/Usage Policies:

This page, our social media and Report Trackers are NOT in any way affiliated with any Emergency or Government services/agencies/organizations. We are here simply to report and help information reach citizens in real time to make traffic detour decisions, avoid areas, and keep the curious informed and out of the way so Emergency personnel can safely focus on the situation(s) in which they are working. None of this information is in any way linked to any 911 call center or Government databases.

  • The point of posting such information is to 1. Keep the public informed of current situations and help them avoid road closures and emergency scenes/situations and 2. Keeping the public out of the way of emergency scenes and allowing emergency crews to work by advising of the situation so as to cut down on public build-up at a scene to see what’s going on and “rubbernecking” as people drive by (which can cause accidents, etc.).

These updates will center around Mesa County (Western), Colorado but updates for large-scale situations elsewhere in Colorado or the U.S. could also be posted here depending on severity and information the public everywhere should know.

This website and any linked social media is in no way affiliated with any emergency agency in or around the Mesa County area. Not all calls/reports will appear here and we are not tracking calls every day or around the clock – as this page is maintained by citizen individuals – so we will not be able to post everything that occurs. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, we recommend you also follow the social media of local law enforcement and fire department agencies – as they often post public notice and press releases following some situations.

Note: it is possible for information posted on this website and through our social media to be inaccurate. We post information as it happens – therefore details can be misunderstood, mistyped or not even heard. As a situation unfolds in real-time, lots of information can flood in very quickly and it can be very difficult to gather all of the necessary information and compile it accurately and quickly – and sometimes it even takes emergency crews a while to gather all of the details to figure out exactly what happened at a scene so we must wait for additional information to arrive. There are also times when sensitive calls may be encrypted on scanner frequencies and we are unable to gather additional information.

We try to post corrections and updates as we get them as well as link to official press releases and updates when they are made available from official agencies so you have the most accurate information. Most of this linkage is done through the Facebook social media and not through our Report Tracker Boards on the website.

If ever you have an emergency please call 911 and do not attempt to get help from this page or any of its editors. Information is gathered and updated voluntarily by unaffiliated monitors. Statements posted on this service should never be taken as legal, medical or other – advice. Unless definitive information has been received that there is a road closure, etc., statements such as “avoid the area” and “detour” “alternate route”, etc. should be considered a friendly, opinionated suggestion and you agree to hold harmless this service and the people who contribute to it from any undesired situations and circumstances that may arise from your choice to read, use and share this information.

We get compared to News agencies a lot. “Why don’t you do better research before you post like they do?”. We post the information we hear/see as it comes in so you have the important basics right away so you have an idea of what’s going on, where it is and to avoid it if possible. You may get more accurate information from your local news LATER but that doesn’t help you right now for example when a road is closed and you’re about to get stuck in traffic when you leave work. The exact details of why the road is closed may not be completely accurate until we get more information but by the time the local News tells you about the road closure in greater detail at 10pm… you may have already been stuck in the traffic jam it caused and got home late.

The public is always welcome to help contribute to info and details. Whether you want to update people on an auto accident you saw that was blocking traffic or you passed by a fire, etc. Please feel free to contribute – but never put yourself in a position that endangers you or obstructs emergency personnel.

Your use of this website, our social media, posts, updates, etc. acknowledges, and accepts these policies.

Citizens are welcome to report to us scenes they come across so we can post them like; fires, car accidents, etc. But if you are involved in an emergency, always call 9-1-1 FIRST!

If you have an emergency, always dial 9-1-1

You can also report a non-emergent crime or incident to our local 911 dispatch by calling: (970) 242-6707.