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Have an event coming up? Whether you need a PA to make announcements, play music, a DJ for a wedding, party or other public event - or maybe you want to capture your event or performace on video...that's where we come in.

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Audio/Video Production Services:

These days there is a lot of technology out there and it can be expensive and time-consuming to figure out what you need, where to get it, how to use it...and let's be honest, during YOUR event, are you really going to have time or want to be removed from socializing to record video or play music and emcee? Probably not. We are individuals who have acquired professional equipment out of the passion of the industry and the desire to raise the bar and help other's capture memories and add to your event to achieve that professional level you are looking for without robbing your wallet.

We are individuals with experience and passion. That means we don't charge you an arm and a leg like the large production companies would or even those other individuals who think their name alone justifies a large price hike. Talk to us about your event and what you are looking to achieve and we'll make a recommendation based on your location, crowd size and equipment available.

What kind of things do we do?

  • PA for public speaking (including speakers, amp, microphone(s) and stands. Wired and wireless microphones available.
  • Provide sound system and play music playlists for parties/events.
  • Portable video camera(s) for social media videos, commercials, interviews & events.
  • 2-4 video camera set up with video switcher to record large, live events like concerts, awards ceremonies and other events.
  • Includes up to 2 camera cranes for events that require getting up over the audience or crowd; 1x 8ft crane & 1x 8ft or 12ft crane (size optional)
  • Give us access to your venue's wide bandwith internet connection and we can live stream your event too.

Broadcast Engineering:

If you operate an AM/FM Broadcast Radio Station and need help with studio, software, automation, audio issues, STL, transmitter, antenna or other Engineering issues (Commercial or Non-profit), get in contact. We may be able to help. Compelling Productions' Ownership has been working in the radio brodcast industry for years in many capacities including Engineering.

Have questions about something you don't see listed here? Contact us below and let us know what your vision is.

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