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Studio & Services


A short trip through our studio - highlighting the main and most-used equipment.

Our new Peavey 1000 Watt Performance Speakers. Live concerts, weddings, parties & more. These great speakers do the job. The great sound and sturdy construction as expected from a manufacturer like Peavey.

We also use speaker stands with our Peaveys. This prevents the speakers from having to sit on the ground or floor and lifting the speakers up allows for better quality for a crowd so the sound does not get degraded by being broadcast low to the ground and having to go around tables, chairs and lets face it...the legs of the front few rows of crowd. The goal is to let everyone hear.

High Power PA AMP
Our newly acquired QSC GX7 Amplifier provides a large wattage of power to really pump up the crowd at live venues when we really want to get loud. The perfect match-up for our speakers allows for optimum volume and clarity while allowing headroom in case of an accidental clip and ensuring wattage and impendance doesn't damage the speakers or the amp.

32-Channel Mixer
Our 32-Channel Live Performance/Recording Mixer. Used mainly for live band performances - it allows us to mix everything. Drums, guitars, vocals, keyboards...all of it. With channel grouping, we are also able to group channels like drum channels; crash symbol, kick, snare, hats, etc. can all be leveled and balanced then grouped to one fader to adjust the volume of the drums as a whole. This mixer is also used frequently for in-studio recording of vocals, guitars, MiDi sound device attachments, advertisement recordings, etc.

Chroma Key Editing
In-Studio Chroma Keying effects. We have one wall dedicated to a chroma key fabric or "green screen". With attached ceiling lighting as well as floor-stand soft boxes, the screen and subject are lit to allow for "keying out" the green background and adding whatever image/video/graphic is desired for the production using a post-production software. A very cool, fun and heavily used tool in the studio.

Soft Lighting
Our soft boxes are frequently used for still images and videos especially in front of a green screen to reduce green spill and to create even lighting to help in the keying out of the green screen as well as warm light the subject to avoid shadows.

Personal Monitoring
With the wireless In-Ear Monitoring system, performers can hear their own mix and wirelessly move around the stage to hear the music, keep the beat and timing and hear themselves to make any vocal/instrumental adjustments. The monitor mix is separate from the main mix (that an audience would hear). With this separation, the performer can choose if they want to hear more vocals or more of a specific instrument or sound and make adjustments for themselves. In-Ear monitors are a great substitution for bulky stage monitors that can sometimes cause feedback if not set up properly or in a small venue where acoustics aren't great or echos could be returned.

Small Mixing/Amp
Our PMP3000 mixer is a great solution for small on-the-go productions that do not require the 32-Channel performance mixer. Best part? It has an AMP already built-in. At lower wattages, it comes in handy for powering low-powered speakers like stage monitors or smaller PA Speakers for smaller venues. This fantastic little mixer is our go-to for Weddings, Parties and other events. We will connect an mp3 player or laptop and "DJ" the event. No turntables or record scratchers but we were built for live performance. With this mixer, we of course can connect microphones for toasts, crowd announcements, karaoke applications, etc.

Stage Snake
12 input XLR channels with 4 XLR returns. This stage snake makes setting up and stage changes for live band performances a breeze, MUCH more controlled and organized - not to mention it allows for the mixer to be placed in the right position for adjusting the sound for the audience.

We've got cables coming out the Wazoo! XLR cables, 1/4" cables, 1/8" cables, all kinds of adapters, couplers and more for almost any live scenario.

Camera Crane
This brings much joy to recording events. A camera crane is an exelent way to not only get above the crowd but to get those nice fluid shots. Our sturdy all-metal crane seamlessly moves to make every shot look smooth (given the operator knows what they are doing...and we do). With our external LCD sceen, we don't need to be near the camera to see what it sees or hears. And with a LANC controller positioned on the crane's up/down pivot handle, we are able to start/stop recording, adjust zoom in/out, zoom speed, camera power on/off and more without having to touch the camera. It's a great tool for events!

Wireless Microphones
Admittingly, not the top-shelf of wireless microphones but for small events or events where the performer or speaker is in close line-of-sight proximity to the receiver, these do just fine for giving you freedom from tripping over a mic cable. The person holding the mic has three controls right on the mic; 1. Turn Off The Mic 2. Connect The Mic To The Receiver But Mute It 3. Unmute The Mic.

Professional Video Camera
This lovely detail was recently added to our equipment inventory. It's been on the wish list for quite some time. You just can't beat the quality of a professional video camera widh High Definition & 1080i capabilities. With all of the appropriate connections, we are able to connect this video camera to our existing camera jib/crane for fantastic professional shots. This camera (among other things) gives us the option of an external audio output. Seen in the photo, there is a condensor shotgun microphone that is removeable and attached via XLR outputs on the side of the camera. External audio hookups are usefull for many reasons, a few being that you can connect different microphone types for different shooting situations or connect to a mixer to record an entire band that you are filming for studio quality sound and balance. Of course, this also does away with camera movement noise or handling nose that you would get from any video camera with a built-in microphone. We also have three other video cameras. 1 is HD and two are standard definition. All 3 of these other cameras are the smaller consumer-type handycams.

-More Studio Images May Be Added Later.


Some of our In-Studio accomodations are:

  • Vocal Recording
  • Some Instrument Recording
  • Green Screen Shooting (Still & Video)
  • Still Photography/Editing
  • Video /Editing
  • Music Production/Mixing
  • CD Burning
  • Website Building/Modifying (Coding)
- & More.

Some of our Out-Of-Studio accomodations are:

  • On-Location Video Recording
  • On-Location Audio Recording
  • Live Band Mixing
  • Live Event Audio (Music Tracks, Mics, Performances [Weddings, Graduation Parties, Charity Events, etc.])
- & More.