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Description: You're hanging out with the Spurger! Keeping your rocking and connected with the music and events. Sprinkle a little unorthodox into the mix with weird humor and there you have it. Rock on!

Stick That In Your JuiceBox and SUCK IT!
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Description: Moving to their new day and time: Fridays @ 5pm MT! Lexy and David walk you through current events, news, entertainment, toilet humor and more. With a balance of insight and off-the-wall humor tying it all together. Enjoy and beware. Be sure to get involved. Send in your comments/questions/opinions using our website Contact Form or direct email to During a live show, you can use the studio contact form in the pop-up streamer and never miss a second of the show! Your comments may be used on the show.

The Doc D Radio Show
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Description: It's your pre-cocktail party. He's odd, he rocks, he's Doc D and this is his show. King of crank calls. Certified bad ass. The Doc is in.


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