Established back in 2008, the station has undergone quite a few changes along the way. It's name has changed a few times - most recently from "WMKA" Compelling Radio Network.

A few years back (from 2015), the radio station purchased new software that helps us maintain our professional sound. Along with the new software came website upgrades including a modification of the famous pop-up streaming tools, member's-only features, enhanced "now playing", studio contact direct from the streamer, exclusive archived band interviews and so much more!

As a general warning, it must be stated that online radio stations are NOT held to the strict FCC rules and regulations as those of over-the-air FM and AM radio stations. Online radio stations can have the content in their broadcasts that an airwave radio station could not. Such as; cursing, vulgar, sexual content, etc. in music, audio clips, and talk show programs. Music, clips and talk shows are not edited for content. Current programming still supports the Parental and Listener's Discretion Advisories as much live broadcasts, live/recorded shows, audio clips and songs still contain such language. We allow this content - not because we enjoy being vulgar - but because it's a freedom of expression. This allows us especially to play music the way it was originally written, recorded and intended to be heard. Music is an artistic expression that should not be heavily censored. We will continue to broadcast live over the internet-only as we always have and will continue to bring you compelling shows, music, contests, interviews and more! We hope our loyal listeners will stay loyal and new listeners join us.

We continue to work very hard to bring our station to you in the most convenient ways possible. Instead of being restricted to a laptop or desktop computer, we are making our station available on all kinds of devices such as; smartphones, tablets, etc. with our Apps in production, website and server changes/upgrades.

We love to ROCK and hope you do too! Alternative, Rock, Punk, Metal & more! It's what we're all about! We stream 24/7 music and occasionally have a live DJ in studio to interact with and sometimes the occasional weekly talk program to speak your mind!

Supporting local businesses and local artists is a favorite of ours. We have some amazing talent in the Grand Valley here in Colorado so we definitely like to draw attention to them. We do a "fair trade" advertising agreement in which we do not charge for audio/banner advertising. Instead, the business advertising with us agrees to advertise us in their business with our provided business cards, banners, coasters and other optional promotional materials. Advertising is not restricted to local businesses only - though if you do not have a storefront in our neck of the woods, it's best that you have products or services that people from any location can purchase or use - as we have global reach and can not guarantee that you will reach listeners in your particular area for foot traffic.

The Internet is our playground and we take full advantage. With today's technology, it's so easy to listen. One of the best ways to listen [if you're on-the-go or not on a computer] is the extremely popular, smartphone! Now days, nearly everyone who has a mobile phone has a smartphone and now - more than ever - large data plans are available at great prices. Whether you have 20 Gigs that rolls over monthly or have an "unlimited everything" plan, you've got data and that's all you need to access the internet. Also, these days we're seeing a lot of cars built with Aux jacks on the stereo. This allows you to plug in an iPod or your phone. Since people's phones are already plugged into their cars, it's simple to open an app and tune us in as you drive down the road. It also gives the experience of listening to over-the-air radio without the extreme, overbearing censorship. There are plenty of ways to listen. Some people even use their old smartphones with no service in places where they can pick up WiFi - which let's face it, is most of the Country by now. Even McDonalds and hotels offer free WiFi. However you listen, we're happy to have you Rockin' out with us here on Compelling Radio!

Oh yeah, last thing you should know about us is that our website here looks best and is most compatible in browsers like Firefox or Chrome so thanks for not using Internet Explorer!


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