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Advertise With Us! It's Free! Here's How To Get Started:

It's simple, just fill out the form below and tell us about your business. Give us good information that we can use in an audio ad on-air with Compelling Radio and on clickable web banner ads that will tell people why to choose YOUR business over your competitors. We'll review the information you've submitted and get back to you to let you know

  • If your business/product/service would be good on our network,
  • If additional information is needed,
  • and if accepted, we'll start building an AD Campaign - which you can easily monitor from our dedicated Advertiser website.

You may use the form below or if you are in contact with one of our staff members, they can help you gather this information in person or over the phone with an AD sheet. Reference the business card you may have received and give us a call.
Otherwise, let's get started! Remember, advertising on the Compelling Productions Network is Free for businesses at this time.

I have read, agree to and understand the Terms below:

*NOTE: If your advertisement is not for an actual business that is lawfully registered as a business, do not make up a business name, simply leave the "Business Name" section blank!*


Please remember that the submission of this form does not guarantee you will have an ad campaign built and ran. If your ad campaign is started and ran, it does not guarantee you will receive increased profit, foot or web traffic or business solely from advertising with us.
An advertising contract will be established for all ads audio and visual for the advertiser. You understand and agree that with any advertising campaign, Compelling Productions, David Spurger and affiliates/subsidiaries are not responsible for any damages, unwanted business/clients/customers/contact, etc. due to advertising with us. You are responsible for approving the wording and imaging of your ADs before published. Any breach of the contract will subject the advertisement and/or advertiser to potential suspension or termination of ad service for current and possibly future campaigns. Advertisements in the Compelling Productions Network are NOT paid for - as a result, Compelling Productions (and David Spurger) reserves the right to suspend any Ad campaign at any time due to contract breach, change in programming, sponsorship, etc. Sponsors/Sponsorships are still subject to suspension/termination due to a contract breach. Any sponsor may be able to take seniority over a general advertiser if their paid advertisement/sponsorship conflicts with a non-paid advertiser's service or product due to a conflict of interest or other. Compelling Productions is a non-exclusive-type advertising service; here meaning that if two businesses of similar products/services,etc. wish to advertise, they will both be allowed to advertise. Similar campaigns will be separated in on-air rotation only to make sure they don't play back-to-back allowing for one advertiser in that category at a time. A sponsor can be but is not limited to a business/organization that provides monetary support, equipment, promotions or other to bring attention to or otherwise support a Compelling Productions site, service, event, etc. as well as their own business and product line. Advertisers will NOT see suspended campaigns due to a change/addition of sponsorship campaigns. A paying sponsor AD may get priority over a non-paying general advertiser. Advertisements are displayed as text, image banner or in some cases (depending on the site on which it is displayed) both - as a result, our previous "time slot" advertising is no longer available and ads may show up at any time on any of our websites. Advertisements are displayed based on a random algorythm - with that in mind, no AD is programmed to show up more than any other. By submitting this form, you truthfully state that you have the authority to represent the company of which you are submitting on behalf of and you and the company agree to the terms herein. If your advertising application is accepted and a campaign is started, you will be bound by these terms, you and the business give Compelling Productions (and David Spurger) the right to use your name, business details (name, email, phone number, website, logo, likeness, etc.) in audio, video, image, text and print, online and on-location event advertising and reference.